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Securing your premises with high quality and accurate required equipment has always been a challenge. But its your lucky day, you came to right place.

We have an extensive experience of designing, Installing and maintaining state of the art security equipment for numerous private & public sectors in UAE from last 18 years. Some of which includes, Abdu Dhabi Police Surveillance System in the beautiful city of Al-Ain, Awqaf Mosques, Public Schools, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and many other business.

We incorporate your requirements as input, saturate with our experience and come up with a lemonade of the perfect solution to secure your premises from all prospective. CCTV, Fire alarm, Intrusion and breaking Alarms, Unauthorized entrance of unrecognized person at specific area, Electrical Fencing of the Premises are just few examples to secure the premises. Be it a residential, commercial or public premises. We have got solution with vast experience.

Security means a prevention of theft, control of intrusion, securing parking with Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, Security barriers and restricting trespassing. Security should be good enough to prevent any incident from happening rather just recording unwanted event and then tracing it later on. For us, it is secondary purpose of the Security & Surveillance System.

We can create 24/7 backup of your surveillance system at your site or any remote site. Control and View it form anywhere in the world on your gadgets. Keep yourself informed of unwanted personnel trying to access your restricted area.

Key Services Includes:

– AI Based CCTV Solution

– 24/7 Backup on site or virtually

– Fire Alarms / Smoke Detectors

– Electrical Fencing

– Smart Locks


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