Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Our solutions can be
supported through standard break-fix support or fully managed service delivering you a
wireless solution without the hassle of managing it at a fixed monthly costs.

Benefits of a Secure Wireless Network

  • Health and Safety; no cables means no hazards
  • Signals can be sent through walls, floors, ceilings to save on installation costs
  • Simple to add stations in any environment
  • Shared access to printers, storage devices and networks
  • Easy to transfer and install in new location
  • Secure way to transfer data

Indoor Wireless Solutions

  • Deliver Broadband Internet Access
  • Leased Line Replacement-eliminate costly telecom costs
  • Inter-building LAN extension
  • Wireless LAN / WAN / MAN
  • Increase network capacity and reliability
  • Add redundancy to critical communication links
  • Centralize servers, data storage and backup
  • Remote video surveillance monitoring, video conferencing
  • Multi-location voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Connect remote buildings/networks that are miles apart
  • Tele-medicine and distance learning

Outdoor Wireless Solutions

  • Simple deployment with automatic discovery and configuration of APs.
  • Easy to deploy and manage with centralized configuration and management.
  • Air Traffic Control technology eliminates the need for complex channel planning and delivers intelligence contention management while significantly reducing co-channel interference problems.
  • Scalable solution with platforms for large enterprises or branch offices.
  • Integrates easily with existing infrastructure and provides intelligent application aware call admission control and load balancing.
  • Multi-layered security including WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, automatic rogue access point detection, and mitigation without degradation of client performance.
  • Supports location based per user and group access policies to comply with and enforce corporate security requirements.

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